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The Marketing Association has announced the call for entries for the 2014 NZ Direct Marketing Awards, to be held in Auckland early next year. The deadline for entries is 5pm on Friday 24 October. An extended late entries deadline of 5pm on Friday 31 October is available at a nominal fee.

Judging will take place throughout November and December with finalists being announced before the end of November. The NZ Direct Marketing Awards Night celebration will take place on Thursday 26 February 2015 at The Langham, Auckland.

Here’s the full, unedited release from the MA: 

Modern Pioneers Wanted to enter the 2014 NZDM Awards

The 2014 NZ Direct Marketing Awards are now open and the Marketing Association is on the quest to find and celebrate our modern pioneers – the next generation of visionaries who are embracing big data and new media, and discovering new ways of delivering personal, relevant and timely messages to their ‘audience of one’.

The NZ Direct Marketing Awards, which encompass both the RSVP and Nexus categories, have recognised clients, agencies, consultancies and suppliers who have contributed to solid, measurable business returns through excellence in response driven marketing since 1986.

“The unashamed focus of the DM Awards is on measurable results”, said MA Chief Executive, Michael Pryor. “Whatever the channel or combination of channels, if you can prove that your campaign directly drove results, you will do well.”

Entries are accepted in a variety of categories – Industry sector and Channel categories, as well as Craft categories that celebrate the ‘art’ of the individual elements that contribute to the overall cohesiveness of a campaign. Entrants can also enter categories recognising the vital elements – strategic thinking, innovation, marketing tools and products or services as well as the two special individual awards: Direct Marketer of the Year and the Keith Norris Award for the Direct Marketing Organisation of the Year.

This year we see the introduction of a new category into the Industry sector – Healthcare, but the biggest change is in the Craft section, with the digital categories now merged with all mediums and the decision to honour the Craft category winners, on merit, with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards; having previously only been awarding a best-of.

For more information contact:

Kirsty Jamieson MCIM Chartered Marketer
Marketing Manager – Inspire
Marketing Association
09 361 7753


About the NZ Direct Marketing Awards

The NZ Direct Marketing Awards are the only awards that recognise clients, agencies, consultancies and suppliers who have exhibited excellence in insight-driven marketing projects and campaigns, connected with customers on an individual basis and generated outstanding results.

Industry Awards

Are for companies to enter and be judged alongside their peers within their industry.

Automotive: Programmes or campaigns to generate dealer traffic, promote brand/model loyalty and/or market new or used vehicle sales or leasing, parts or accessories, and aspects like customer retention.

Communications/Utilities: Programmes or campaigns initiated by communications or utility companies, such as telecommunications companies, electric or gas power companies, internet and broadband service providers to generate sales, enquiries or support, increase/maintain share, or increase distribution for their products and services.

Financial Services: Programmes/campaigns to market banking, insurance, investments, loans, real estate, credit cards or other financial products or services.

FMCG: Programmes or campaigns funded by manufacturers to promote FMCG to consumers,

such as foodstuffs, tobacco, wine, spirits, pet foods, healthcare and confectionery.

Government/Public sector: Programmes or campaigns to market government and educational programmes, including education and health, state owned enterprises (excluding utilities who should be included in utilities).

Healthcare: For business or consumer campaigns that promote OTC products, healthcare or pharmaceutical products.

Not-for-Profit: Programmes or campaigns generated by a not-for-profit organisation, such as charitable foundations, cultural institutions, trade associations or political/advocacy groups. Includes fundraising, public health and safety, public service and social action educational programs. Excludes government marketing.

Retail: Programmes or campaigns created by retail establishments or non-retail direct-order enterprises to generate traffic, enquiries, sales or loyalty, or to enhance employee relations. Includes businesses such as department stores, specialty shops, equipment dealers, auto parts stores (but not auto dealerships), restaurants, health clubs/spas, catalogue and mail order companies. Includes online and TV shopping enterprises.

Travel & Leisure: Programmes or campaigns to generate enquiries, sales or traffic for marketers of travel and transportation services (e.g. airlines, hotels, car rental firms, mass transit systems, tourism boards), cultural attractions, sports/entertainment venues, leisure activities (e.g. gyms, water parks, theme parks, zoos) and entertainment media (e.g. magazines, newspapers, books, TV channels and programmes). Includes retail and online travel agencies and services.

Technology: Programmes or campaigns to market computer hardware, software, accessories, electronic entertainment (gaming) or other technology.

Other: B2B For business campaigns or programmes not covered by the other categories.

Other: B2C For consumer campaigns or programmes not covered by the other categories


Channel Categories

Reflect the multi-channel market we operate in and entries will be judged against other entries in their channel.

Email marketing: Best use of email campaigns or email to drive a response. Could be an individual email or a programme/multi touch campaign.

CRM multi-channel: Best use of multiple channels for CRM. Your campaign must be a mix of at least two channels.

Campaign website: Campaign based website which has proven to for example convert, data capture or in some other way drive a response.

Mobile marketing: Best use of mobile technology as a key element in a business or consumer campaign for any product or service e.g. mobile website, app or service, location or proximity communication, messaging (including SMS, MMS, app-push or other mobile/app based messaging technology such as Whatsapp, mobile video, branded content or mobile TV ad execution, a campaign on or through any mobile platform or device.

Social media and viral: Best use of social media and/or viral to drive response.

Direct response (any media): Use of direct response methodology to drive a directly measured result, e.g. to specific URLs, phone numbers or other measurable activation media. Includes TV, online media, press, radio, paid search etc

Direct Mail B2B: Best direct mail activity to business.

Direct Mail B2C: Best direct mail activity to consumer.

Best Loyalty Programme: A series of communications to a maintained database, designed to develop and recognise a marketing relationship. Entries must clearly identify the enhanced status of the relationship and should preferably show the communication series over the last year or longer.

Craft Categories

Celebrate the ‘art’ of the individual elements within response marketing campaigns, recognising the skills, talent and creativity of the people who made the work happen.

Excellence in Art Direction: Art direction that with originality, creativity and relevance, brings to life an idea and enhances the message in any medium.

Excellence in Copywriting: The most compelling copy that tells a story in any medium, touches hearts, engenders trust, encourages action – any or all of these attributes will be assessed.

Excellence in Creative: The overall creative concept and execution – the idea, art direction and copywriting in any medium.

Excellence in Data Strategy: The best use of data to understand customer behaviour, thereby providing insight and targeting for successful communications to drive business performance.

Excellence in Strategy: The best example of strategic planning as applied to a response-driven campaign, utilising any channel or media.  This award recognises a strategy that has driven a significant impact on the company’s bottom line or in other forms of response.

Innovative Use of Craft: Recognising ground-breaking innovation that demonstrates a new approach to a marketing campaign and delivers measurable results. Entries can cover any medium or combination of media.

Nexus Categories

Recognise excellence in creating the foundations on which measurable direct campaigns are based: strategic vision, innovation, customer and market insight, response-driven marketing tools and techniques, products or services that make the use of interactive one-to-one communication quicker, easier, or more insightful.

CRM & Data Management: Acknowledging exceptional solutions for managing customer and/or prospect data and information, including methods of collection, storage, cleansing, authentication and integration. This could either be campaign-specific, a single-customer view enabling one-off or multiple campaigns, or increased business efficiency.

Customer & Market Insight: Excellent use of data-mining, statistical analysis or research techniques to gain significant customer insights that drive business value. Entrants need to demonstrate how the knowledge gained enabled the incremental impact of marketing to be measured and performance gaps to be diagnosed.

Innovation: Acknowledging new or bespoke ideas, technologies, products, services or processes that have positively affected the outcome of a marketing initiative.

Marketing Products & Services: Recognising commercially viable solutions, systems and/or processes that make marketing activities/programmes simpler or more effective, either for your own or a client company. Entrants should clearly outline how the implementation of the new product or service had a positive impact on marketing activities.

Media and/or Channel Utilisation: Recognising marketing success that can be directly attributed to the method of communication delivery. This includes innovative use of existing and/or emerging media, interactive engagement or the integration of media/channels.

Production & Fulfilment: Rewarding excellence in campaign production and fulfilment capability via any medium. This includes campaign elements such as personalisation, logistics, storage and delivery.

Strategic Vision: Recognising strategic vision that has positively contributed to the creation of the best possible environment for response-driven marketing to be successful.

Special Awards

Recognise organisations and individuals who are doing amazing things in the direct marketing space.

The Keith Norris Award – Direct Marketing Organisation of the Year: The DM Organisation of the Year Award celebrates organisations that have achieved success by using direct marketing techniques to drive ROI for the business.

Direct Marketer of the Year: The Direct Marketer of the Year Award celebrates individuals who have celebrated, advocated, or otherwise advanced the use of direct marketing within their organisation and/or the wider industry.

The New Zealand Post Student Marketer of the Year Award: The New Zealand Post Student Marketer of the Year Award acknowledges excellence in marketing strategy, design and creativity in one brilliant tertiary student or student team. The winner will be recognised amongst the best and brightest in the industry at the Awards evening.

Nexus Supreme Award

The Nexus Supreme Award represents the very best on offer from this year’s Nexus Gold Award recipients. A panel of industry experts will decide which campaign has risen to the top as the most exceptional example of individual brilliance in the engine room of direct and interactive marketing.

Grand Prix Award

The Grand Prix Award represents the very best on offer from this year’s Industry and Channel Gold Award recipients. A panel of industry experts will decide which campaign has risen to the top as the most exceptional example of individual brilliance in direct marketing campaigns.

About the Marketing Association

Our Vision and Mission

The Marketing Association (MA) is the hub of New Zealand’s marketing industry, the heart of our marketing community and a centre of excellence for all things marketing. The MA’s mission is to set the standard for professional marketing in New Zealand and to facilitate a vibrant community of engaged marketing and business professionals who together foster the evolution of successful, market-led New Zealand businesses making a positive contribution to the New Zealand economy. On behalf of the business community in New Zealand, MA facilitates and promotes best practice, responsible marketing and champions self-regulation over government legislation so that:

  • Businesses can continue to freely and creatively take their brands, products and services to market without undue restrictions or unnecessary compliance costs
  • The marketing profession and those representing it (marketers and business leaders) deliver the best return on marketing spend to achieve real business results
  • Marketing remains a key economic enabler in New Zealand

The Marketing Association acknowledges New Zealand Post, Ipsos and IBM as Principal Business Partners. Their continued support in facilitating a vibrant and competitive marketing industry in New Zealand is truly second to none.

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