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Celebrated Aussie creative David Nobay and Marcel, the Sydney agency he created, have shot a new brand 90sec TVC for Asian beer brand Tiger, scored to the classic What a Wonderful World, but reimagined in Mandarin.

There’s a Kiwi connection, too – through Auckland-based Spark PR & Activate, who act for Tiger, and brought their brilliant ad to M+AD’s attention.

The film opens with a 1200-year-old pearl of wisdom from Chinese philosopher DuFu, which feels strangely apt for today’s world: “You don’t need to be the same to share a soul”.

The iconic American anthem is sung by Singaporean vocalist Tay Kewei and accompanied by an authentic Chinese Erhu (a two-stringed instrument) , also played by Kewei.

Against her hauntingly beautiful voice, the ad follows the contrasting lives of eight radically diverse Asians; including a champion female Mui Thai boxer, a comicon fan, a retired man, a transgender Katoey (Thai for transgender woman), a high-flying entrepreneur, a young delivery guy and a kung fu grand master.

As bizarrely diverse as the group first appear, they are all ultimately united over a shared love for a cold Tiger beer and a plate of street food, under the banner SIT CLOSER TOGETHER.

As unlikely as the pairings may seem, Mie-Leng Wong, Tiger’s Singapore-based global director, points out that it’s a fairly regular sight on any street corner in Asia and, perhaps, a gentle reminder of the richness that diversity brings to the table:

“For so much of the world right now, diversity and cultural collaboration seem to be a heated debate, but, here in Asia, there’s one place where who you are and where you sit on the social ladder has never really mattered – the street food table!” she said.

The film was shot on the streets of Bangkok and Shanghai and was inspired by observing the growing cultural rifts in the US, a market Tiger beer only entered this year.

The film is running globally online, as well as in cinemas in Tiger’s main global markets (including NZ).

About Tiger Beer
Tiger Beer was born in 1932 on the bustling, energetic, and hot streets of Singapore. A stone’s throw away from the Equator, the tropical temperature demanded a refreshing beer with full-bodied flavour.  Tiger worked with the heat – instead of against it – to brew a beer that would keep Asia cool and be a match for the diverse flavours of our dishes. This led to the advent of tropical lagering, a unique brewing process pioneered by the brand. Today, Tiger is the number one premium beer in Asia, and the world’s fastest growing premium beer. Available in more than 50 markets across the globe, including NZ, the unique brew forged in the melting pot of Singapore is now in the hands of passionate brewers in 16 markets. For more information, visit


Creative agency: Marcel Sydney
Creative Chairman: David Nobay
Executive Creative Director: Scott Huebscher
Client: Tiger
East Markets: Tanya Lubis
West Markets: Amy Tay
New Zealand: Julia Imlah
Global PR agency: Ogilvy
Director: Charles Akielan
Senior Consultant: Dani Hanlon
NZ PR agency: Spark PR & Activate
Team: Madeleine Wong, Lucy Harris, Cassidy Meredith, Sjaan Askwith, Melanie Chico and Heidi Thompson

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