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WELLINGTON, Tuesday: The NZ Government’s new spot for Covid-19 communication reminds Kiwis that “we’re in this together, and the stronger we are today, the sooner we will welcome tomorrow”.

What sets For Tomorrow apart from most tvcs is that it contains plenty of empty, wide-open spaces, artworks and furniture – but no living people.

Clemenger BBDO tapped Finch with the challenge of producing the spot safely, with less than a week from script to the film needing to be on air.

Finch director Zia Mandviwalla and EP Rebekah Kelly put together a nimble team spread across the country that could work remotely, with all location and production prep done by each individual from the safety of their home.

Post-production was also conducted remotely. The director, producer, agency, and client were remote, and communicated with each other via various screen-sharing services.

“From the Hokianga to the Deep South, our crew embraced a new way of working.”

The on-set crews were comprised of minimum numbers, operating at a careful pace to ensure full compliance with social distancing, operating with contactless deliveries, and following all relevant health and safety regulations.

Finch’s Bex Kelly said: “We live-streamed the shoot wherever possible, so that the director and agency could be watching the shots as they happened and providing real-time feedback, to ensure the creative was the best it could be.

“This was a great case study of how our industry can continue to adapt to the changing world we find ourselves in. Our crew was amazing, and from the Hokianga to the Deep South, embraced a new way of working.”

Clemenger ECD Brigid Alkema said: “This special project revealed the potential for us in a business future requiring maximum agility. It evolved our sense of what’s necessary and unnecessary in our processes.

“And perhaps most importantly, it reminded us of the immense creativity inside each of our people, and the power of imagination to solve problems in uncharted waters.”

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