NZ marketers outgunning the US?

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Auckland-based big data business Qrious has released a detailed study that allows marketers to benchmark their work against their peers. It also purports to show that NZ businesses are seeing opportunities ahead of US counterparts.

The Mood of Marketing study commenced earlier in the year, when Qrious commissioned the research to find out how marketers are adapting their approach.

“Are they creating personalised customer experiences?” asks Ubiquity/Qrious head Nathalie Morris. “What challenges are they facing, and how is the marketing role evolving within an organisation as a result?

“A marketing revolution is happening, making this an exciting and challenging time to be a marketer. Technology and data are driving rapid changes in customer behaviour.

“And now that Ubiquity is part of Qrious, we’re excited to be able to share the results.”

In this report you’ll discover:

  • How the role of marketing is evolving
  • The fastest growing marketing trends
  • Which skills are in hot demand
  • What leading New Zealand marketers are saying.

“Finally,” Morris says, “it’s heartening to see New Zealand marketers are ahead of their international colleagues in expectations around the data opportunity.

“Too often we look overseas for our inspiration. The 2017 Mood of Marketing report shows our marketing leaders may be seeing the opportunity more clearly than their US counterparts, and crucially, expect it to deliver an increased marketing voice in their business.”

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