NZ rock’n’roll bible refreshed

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John Dix, author of arguably the best and most in-depth history of NZ rock’n’roll, is about to produce a third, revised edition of his celebrated book.

“I am reprinting Stranded In Paradise specifically to provide public libraries and schools with replacement copies,” Dix said. “But the new edition will also be available to other buyers.

“The benefits of modern-day technology means that I can now produce a small print run, albeit with a new book design and cover artwork, and copyright clearances.

“It’s no hard sell and, with small profit margins, I can’t pitch to retailers (40% discount) but I am advising interested parties that a new edition will be available in May 2016 (NZ Music Month).

“I’ve sent a group email to music industry contacts and posted on Facebook. To date, I have received 40-odd orders, and they’re still coming in (three in past 24 hours). I’ll be cutting off the print-run to the closest 100 so I will have some copies left over but the more I pre-sell, the more I can produce.

“NZ artist Kevin Jenkinson (aka Lingus) is designing the book and cover and I’ll be spending a week with him in Auckland for fine-tuning before final dispatch to printers in mid-February (eight-week turnaround).”

The book will be printed in Hong Kong and will be delivered to NZ eight weeks after the printers receive finished copy, which will be in mid-February.

Cost per book is $57.50 (GST inclusive), free postage for pre-paid orders within NZ.

A general release is not planned, at this stage. A companion CD may eventuate, Dix says.

The third edition of Stranded In Paradise will differ from the two earlier editions in appearance. “I am not legally entitled to use the Penguin edition design and cover artwork.”

Due to copyright obligations, many of the photographs in the Penguin edition will be replaced by ‘new’ images.

“For the most part, there will be little editorial difference between the forthcoming book and the Penguin edition, just a few corrections, although I will omit the updated post-1988 chapters which Penguin had requested.

“I never felt comfortable writing about the more recent NZ artists and, besides, the title Stranded In Paradise isn’t appropriate to those artists who have emerged in the past 20-odd years, with Creative New Zealand, NZ On Air and the NZ Music Commission financing recordings, videos and overseas tours.

“Hardly ‘stranded’ in paradise!”

  • Specs: 320 A4 pages on 125gsm matt art paper, perfect bound, with 420gsm glazed art paper cover. Cover is four-colour, inside b&w images only. Body Text – 9pt Garamond.
  • Price: $50+GST= $57.50. Free delivery (Standard Post) in NZ.
  • Delivery: Late April/Early May
  • Orders: To confirm purchase, email and transfer required amount to this bank account: 12 3115 0110860 00.

A receipt will be issued by return email.

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