NZ screen industry hit $3+ billion – thanks in part to Indian students

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Indian students make a significant contribution to the NZ economy, says Media Design School ceo Darryn Melrose – who was ceo of M&C Saatchi and Aim Proximity Auckland in 2009-2012 – writing in a guest column in yesterday’s NZ Herald.

Last year, Indian students made up 25% of MDS international student intake, and Melrose was responding to negative criticism about their being snapped up by private trading establishments.

“This, coupled with India’s booming information technology sector – and is one of the leading exporters of IT services in the world – has led to an increased number of Indian students enrolling in our undergraduate degrees and graduate diploma programmes,” Melrose writes.

“Most Indian students who study with us have an existing set of skills that are in high demand and short supply. This year alone, our Indian graduates have secured jobs at some of NZ’s top digital and animation companies, including Park Road Post, Cirkus Animation, and the Orange Group.”

Melrose points out that the NZ screen industry – led by growth in digital animation – was worth $3.155 billion in 2014.

“Indian students are helping us fill skill shortages in fields that were previously held back through a lack of trained graduates. The international students play a key role in ensuring NZ’s digital sector remains globally competitive,” he wrote.

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