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SYDNEY, Wednesday: A new report by social media agency Mosh has uncovered the trends across New Zealand’s social media landscape, including the growing role of video on Facebook and Instagram.

Sport, tourism and media dominate the top 10 most-liked Facebook Pages in New Zealand with the All Blacks’ page the most popular, racking up nearly as many likes as there are people in New Zealand.

The report was compiled by Mosh social media team, including Jon Randles and Julian Thompson.

“The New Zealand Facebook and Instagram Report for 2021 is the only New Zealand specific white paper to provide actionable ideas and insights for New Zealand social media marketers,” according to Mosh Partner Jon Randles.

“Unfortunately most of New Zealand is pretty bad at social media marketing. With the report, we’re trying to highlight some really good examples so New Zealand marketers can start to get a better idea of why or how to do this properly.”

In compiling this year’s findings, they analysed cumulative data of over 24,164 Facebook Pages and over 11,674 Instagram accounts.

“They analysed cumulative data of 24,164 Facebook pages and 11,674 Instagram accounts.”

Despite the growing interest in social media, this year’s report shows page Likes depleting, which for Randles is a sign of users starting to cull unwanted brands from their news feeds.

“So that’s the result of two things,” he says. “People’s news feeds are getting really full so they are looking to try and declutter. Also, brands are not nailing their content strategies. So they are annoying enough for their audience to go to that extra effort to find the unlike and remove them.”

Sport, tourism and media dominate the top 10 most liked Facebook pages in New Zealand with the All Blacks’ Page the most popular, racking up nearly as many likes as our entire population (4.6m vs 4.8m).

100% Pure New Zealand, Air New Zealand, Blackcaps and NZV8 Magazine make up the rest of the top five most-liked Facebook Pages. With Les Mills, NZ Herald,

Stuff.co.nz, Performance Car and Radio Tarana claiming the remaining top spots.

Randles: “What also stood out was the fact the successful accounts analysed posted much less, which serves the argument for quality over quantity.

“Covid also affected brand social strategy as a whole especially when it came to creativity and innovativeness with content. Some brands really rose to the challenge, many others stood on the sidelines to their own detriment.

“The days of posting cheesy ads are over.”

“Brands that stayed active and did it in a way that was sensitive to the situation really did well out of it. They really got a lot of brand love and positive reaction. So, Covid has been an opportunity for brands to really differentiate themselves.

“If there’s one thing that the chaos of 2020 taught us, you can’t ‘set-and-forget’ your content strategy as the world of social media moves quickly.

“Social media marketers also need to be ready to lift their content game too, the days of posting cheesy ads are over.”

The report’s other findings include …

  • A snapshot of how the pandemic has and will continue to affect social media and internet usage in New Zealand.
  • The top takeaways to learn from our highflying brands include the importance of telling your brand story and having a clear purpose, and …
  • The trends to be aware of as we look at in 2022 such as the power of live, data privacy, identifying fake news and a new focus on owned media.

Read the full report here

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