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NEW YORK, Wednesday: Eight Media Design School Auckland students have shared a Young Ones Pencil & three Merit Awards at the One Show Student Awards in the US last night.

MDS programme director Kate Humphries said: “What’s great about these wins is that all four of our student teams created their ideas in the first few weeks of the programme.

“That’s because, at the start of each year we alternate with a brief from either D&AD or The One Show, purely as a training-wheels exercise because the timing of both shows unfortunately favours Northern Hemisphere students.

So, we are truly delighted that this year’s students did so well.

“Prince Charles and all those hippies were right – music does make plants grow faster.”

So, a big cheer for Jack Close’s & Alex Erkkila’s Spotify Saplings, and our merit teams Jack Pfiszter & Theo Spruyt for Like your Passenger; Maria Manniak & Jono Entwhistle for Your Own Radio Station; and Alyssa Yeoman & Franco Ashton for Driving Collisions.

Humphries also offered “a huge thank you” to VMLY&R London CD Tamryn Kerr (an AdSchool graduate) “for interrupting her holiday back in NZ to come in and give feedback on their Spotify ideas to our fledgling creatives in the second week of our programme.”

The Spotify Saplings image
Kate Humphries: “This is trees represented as a sound wave. Spotify Saplings is based on the fact that all the latest research shows that Prince Charles and all those hippies were right – music does make plants grow faster.

“The idea is that you offset your CO2 daily drive admissions by donating your Spotify Daily Drive playlist to greenhouses that grow tree saplings.”

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