Wabi Sabi signs Fernando Hart

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AUCKLAND, Monday: NZAU production company Wabi Sabi has announced it’s now representing NZ-based Brazilian director Fernando Hart worldwide.

His arrival on the roster coincides with the release of a new DDB Aotearoa campaign involving the famous Bluebird Penguins (scroll down for the link).

Hart brings a wealth of experience to Wabi Sabi’s stable of directing talent, having already worked with many of New Zealand’s leading brands

Wabi Sabi founder/EP Dan Higgins said: “Our first job together was magic and showcased his immense performance directing skills. Directing talent to imagine they’re a waddle of cute penguins – yes, ‘waddle’ is the collective noun for penguins – at a BBQ is no easy task.

“Directing talent to imagine they’re a waddle of cute penguins at a BBQ is no easy task.”

For Hart, the feeling that things clicked was mutual: “My favourite thing about working with Dan is that, on top of running things efficiently and smoothly, he’s a very creative producer – the goal is always to craft the best film possible, with the best people, and make sure we all have a good time doing it.

“That’s why I’m super excited about partnering with Wabi Sabi

“A happy little penguin project was a very welcome end to the craziness of 2020.

“Working with some old mates at DDB Aotearoa – Brad, PK & Graeme – was the perfect way to end the year and the team at Flux Animation are world class with a very impressive animation workflow and delivery.”

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