NZ-made TikTok tvc takes on Old Spice’s icon status

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AUCKLAND, Today: On a “mission to create an advertising legend akin to Old Spice”, NZ production house ODV (One Day Video) and Australian footwear brand Archies have made waves on TikTok with their story-driven commercial.

“TikTok received 450+ comments. Typical was: ‘This will give the Old Spice ads a run for their money’.”

ODV co-founder Matt Dawson said: “The brief was simple – the video had to be funny. ODV took that brief and ran.

“The commercial centres on fictional foot masseuse legend Yanderas Janderas whose schedule is too booked up to accommodate the poor victims of flat summer footwear.

“Enter Archies’ new summer slides, released just in time for the US and European summer.”

Archies head of digital marketing Ruben Thompson said: “We were in stitches reviewing the final cut and the results spoke for themselves with over a million views on TikTok.

“The video production got a shout out from TikTok themselves and lead actor Anthony Butters was subject to an unending number of Jesus comparisons.

“The brief was simple – the video had to be funny.”

“ODV built a studio set with a 20 x 20-foot blue screen and over one tonne of sand to depict a tropical paradise.”

Matt Dawson: “Archies wanted this to be the best video ODV had ever made, and I’m super proud of what we created.

“Honestly, the most challenging part of this shoot was figuring out where to put all the sand once we’d wrapped.

“The creatives behind the commercial knew that it needed to stand out amongst a highly competitive ecommerce market.

“The script, written by one of ODV’s creative directors, Adrian Hooke, was crafted to stop users mid-scroll and shows the world that Aotearoa has the type of humour and creativity that appeals to a global audience.”

Ruben Thompson: “They’re a great balance of professional and fun, and certainly know how to create engaging, fun content that leaves an impression.”

Part two with Yanderas Janderas is in development for the second half of the year.


Production Company: One Day Video
Director: Matthew Dawson
DOP: Matt Gerand
Editor: David Schaaf
Producer: Jemimah Frost
Scriptwriter: Adrian Hooke
Grip: Jesse Currie
Gaffer: Paul Eversden
Sound: Wendy Adams
Hair & Makeup: Rebekah Banks
Art Direction: Nat Good
Head of Post: Taylor Mansfield
VFX & Colour: Kaleidoscope
Actor: Anthony Butters

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