NZH Business section marks Stickman’s 10th

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“At the time, FCB creatives Billy McQueen and Chris Schofield would have been unaware that the faceless entity they unveiled become one of the most recognisable characters in NZ advertising,” writes NZ Herald business journalist Damien Venuto in a full-page (no ads!) 10-year birthday salute to Pak’nSave’s iconic campaign.

The article, an affectionate piece published on B4 in the Business section yesterday, reminded us that the early Stickman ads didn’t feature the character speaking, opting instead for a voiceover approach from comedian Paul Ego’s nasal drawl.

“The exact moment when Ego transitioned into Stickman is disputed among historians at FCB,” Venuto writes. “But it’s widely agreed this move allowed the character to flourish.

“Although Stickman is often ridiculed for his corny one-line jokes, the standard of his joke-telling has come a long way since his debut in 2018.”

  • Read the full Herald story here

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