NZME announces Chinese New Zealand Herald platform

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Chinese New Zealanders will soon have a new source of information with a joint venture between NZME and the Chinese Herald. The new digital platform will be known as the Chinese New Zealand Herald and will launch in October.

The Chinese New Zealand Herald will provide a platform for Chinese New Zealanders to engage with local news and will contain selected articles translated from, as well as articles from the print version of the Chinese Herald. The site will also draw from other Chinese news sources.

NZME CEO Michael Boggs says NZME has been committed to diversification for some time. “As a company we have formed partnerships with the New Zealand Asian Leaders (NZAL) to grow our engagement with the Asian business community. NZME is committed to its diverse audience engagement strategy and we strive to continuously develop new propositions to connect and engage with all New Zealanders.”

Carolyn Luey, NZME Chief Operating Officer says as New Zealand becomes increasingly diverse, it is natural that media will reflect that. “With the Asian population forecasted to grow to 21% of the Auckland population by 2021, the Chinese New Zealand Herald site will ensure a credible source of local news for the Chinese community.

“The site will be responsive so it can be accessed via web, tablet and mobile, with articles being posted on WeChat making it easy for the Chinese community to stay up to date and share content.”

Lili Wang, MD/Proprietor for the Chinese Herald says the joint venture is a natural step. “NZME and the Chinese Herald are two of the most trusted news brands in New Zealand for the Chinese population.

“There is increasing demand for a credible NZ-based news site as the Chinese community has a strong interest in local news, business and property and want to engage in lifestyle, travel and entertainment content, but many find it easier to consume content in Chinese than English.”

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