NZME brings Coast FM to Whanganui

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On Monday, NZME Radio will launch its Coast FM brand in Whanganui on 98.4 FM – the second NZME Radio network to arrive in larger provincial cities in just two days.

Yesterday, the company announced the launch of Flava in Gisborne.

“We have identified a market opportunity in Whanganui for a music station that plays the music you grew up with, and love to sing along to from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s,” says Coast content director Raylene Ramsay. “Not to mention, we received loads of emails and requests from locals requesting the station come to town.”

Coast Breakfast host Brian Kelly, who was born and bred in Whanganui, is thrilled his hometown can wake up to his 6am-10am show on weekdays.

“Whanganui is where I grew up and the first seeds were sown for my interest in radio,” he says. “From the moment I heard the sounds coming out of Mr Glenngarys fancy big radio station 2XA, then 2ZW, on Nelson Street [now Cook Street] where we lived, I wanted to be a radio announcer.

“I’ve been on Coast Breakfast for four years and I love working on this great station with a wonderful team of announcers playing the hits. Plus, I’ve been able to interview stars like Ringo Starr, John Sebastian, Josh Groban, Rod Stewart and many other music and sports stars.”

Listeners can also find Coast on iHeartRadio – visit or download the iHeartRadio app from an app store.

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