The Herald loses PR chief

Editor A+D, News Make a Comment

AUCKLAND, Friday: NZME’s Cliff Joiner has departed his wide-ranging role, which included PR with media (like M+AD), to join the BNZ (presumably in a senior comms role).

“Hi, this is a final note from me in my role at NZME,” he wrote in a form letter. “Thank you for receiving my updates on news, activities and initiatives involving NZME and our people.

“A replacement will be announced soon and in the interim Kate Grant from NSPR will be your point of contact.”

“Are you going willingly? Has NZME lost the plot?”

M+AD responded: “NZME is surely going to miss your work, Cliff. “Are you going willingly? Has NZME lost the plot?”

Joiner: “Hah. Thanks David. It was absolutely my call – and a tough one too. A great opportunity came up at the BNZ that was simply too good not to take.

“I love genuinely love the people at NZME and believe in its very exciting future!”

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