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NZME is again showing their support for the RSA’s annual Poppy Appeal. This year, their support stretches across all print, digital and radio brands, encouraging listeners and readers to donate and #PinAPoppy to their social media accounts.

The campaign was created by in-house by NZME (alongside RSA) and the creative was also done in-house by the NZME creative team.

This year the RSA is focusing on mental health with the theme Not All Wounds Bleed, hoping to raise awareness of the non-physical injuries veterans and their families face upon return from combat.

NZME invites readers and listeners to visit their specially dedicated site (scroll down for the link), and donate. Donations will give them access to a digital poppy they can share on social media.

NZME ceo Michael Boggs said the company was proud to again be supporting the RSA and their annual Poppy Appeal. “The funds received from the appeal will benefit a lot of people who have made big sacrifices while serving their country; and the families of those veterans,” he said in a release (out of Niki Schuck PR).

“The funds will benefit a lot of people who made big sacrifices while serving their country, and the families of those veterans.”

“The RSA has previously benefited from the generous nature of our readers and listeners and we hope again New Zealanders will get behind this very important cause.”

RNZRSA national president BJ Clark says the Poppy Appeal is vital for the care and support of New Zealand’s 41,000 veterans and their families.

“Every year we find more veterans needing help and that can be from very small needs through to major life challenges that require significant support and care. Through the generosity of Kiwis RSA can be there and offer that help.

“We genuinely appreciate all those who put on the poppy and make a donation during the Poppy Appeal.

“We are also grateful for the support of NZME who get behind us in a major way.”

Poppy Day is Friday 20 April, but you can donate and #PinAPoppy from today until Wednesday 25 April.


Assistant Brand Manager, Marketing: Phoebe Turner
Marketing Manager, Marketing: Mandie Strachan
Deputy Planning Editor – The Herald, Editorial: Neil Reid
Designer, Creative: Nicola Milliner
Creative Director, Creative: Justine Black

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