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AUCKLAND, Today: NZME has appointed Kiwi tech entrepreneur Guy Horrocks to its board – as an independent director. NZME chairman Barbara Chapman told the NZX (in a statement): “Guy brings a background in successfully growing digital businesses, strong capability in the commercialisation of data and a focussed entrepreneurial mindset to our board”.

Horrocks was a pioneer of the mobile app industry, co-founding the world’s first commercial iPhone app company in 2007, Polar Bear Farm.

He is one of a number of high powered, experienced New Zealand entrepreneurs who’ve built internationally successful digital enterprises – only to return to NZ to escape the worst of the impacts of Covid-19 on their adopted homes.

Horrrocks said: “I’m delighted to be home with my family and I’m extremely excited to be joining the board of NZME, especially at a time where the company is so uniquely placed to avail itself of the opportunities of this changing environment.

“Guy is one of a number of NZ entrepreneurs who’ve built international digital enterprises – only to return to escape Covid.”

With clients including Expedia, DreamWorks, HBO, OREO, CNN, Time Magazine and the NZ Herald, Horrocks helped launch over 100 mobile apps with his mobile agency Carnival Labs, many of which were featured by Apple.

Horrocks originally set up Carnival Labs to target casual gaming, entertainment and advertising apps but then swiftly broadened its scope to also including work for Nestle, Pepsi, DreamWorks, Kraft and Taco Bell.

Carnival subsequently launched a mobile marketing automation platform that was acquired by Sailthru in 2016.

Horrocks has since launched a new real-time data warehouse called Solve.

NZME ceo Michael Boggs said: “Guy will bring an incredible level of depth and understanding to support our wide range of digital platforms and our loyal commercial partners.”

Horrocks will take up his new role from Monday 8 February.

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