NZME’s creative workshop features strategist Wade Kingsley

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AUCKLAND, Today: New Zealand Media and Entertainment rolled out the red carpet for a full-day creative extravaganza led by advertising guru Wade Kingsley, owner of The Creative Coach.

This workshop aimed to inject a fresh dose of creativity into NZME’s integration, content, marketing, and creative teams.

Kingsley’s workshop was like a treasure trove of creative gems, covering everything from brainstorming to the final pitch. Each session was tailored to unlock the full potential of NZME’s creative minds.

“We were pleased to have Wade with us, he’s a dynamic leader in his field.”

Katie Mills, NZME’s Chief Marketing Officer, underscored the workshop’s significance in a rapidly evolving media landscape. She remarked, “We were pleased to have Wade with us, he’s a dynamic leader in his field, well known for his innovative thinking and energy.”

Alana O’Neill, NZME’s Head of Creative, echoed the sentiment, emphasising creativity as a cornerstone of their competitive edge. “Creativity is a competitive advantage for us, along with the breadth and depth of our brands, platforms and audience capabilities,” she emphasised.

For Wade Kingsley, partnering with NZME was a gratifying experience. He reflected, “Partnering with NZME to enhance the creative potential of their team has been a rewarding experience.”

In the dynamic world of media, creativity reigns supreme. With Wade Kingsley’s guidance and NZME’s commitment to nurturing talent, the future looks brighter than ever for innovative storytelling and impactful brand experiences.

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