What’s your car really made of? NZTA and FCB’s safety campaign

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AUCKLAND, Today: FCB and NZTA Waka Kotahi have unveiled a campaign focused on the essential aspect of vehicle safety, posing the critical question to New Zealanders: Can your car protect you in a crash?

Entitled Your last Line of Defence, the initiative encourages New Zealanders to consider vehicle safety critically and to verify the safety ratings of both their and their loved ones’ vehicles at rightcar.govt.nz, underscoring that vehicle safety is crucial for preserving lives in the event of a crash.

Despite advancements in vehicle safety standards, many people are still unaware of their car’s safety level and the vital role safety features play in preventing injuries and saving lives. This campaign urges car owners, drivers, and passengers to evaluate the safety of their vehicles.

“This campaign is another step forward in the ongoing effort to reduce deaths and serious injuries from road crashes in New Zealand.”

“This campaign is another step forward in the ongoing effort to reduce deaths and serious injuries from road crashes in New Zealand. The safety features in modern vehicles can prevent many crashes from occurring, and significantly reduce the harm people suffer when crashes do happen. By raising awareness about the importance of vehicle safety features, we want to encourage people to choose the safest vehicle they can afford,” Lauren Cooke, National Manager, Education and Marketing at NZTA Waka Kotahi, articulates the campaign’s objective.

Launching with compelling AV directed by Steve Ayson and supplemented with static and digital content, the campaign aims to provoke thought about safety ratings, alongside offering educational resources to dispel safety myths, aiming to enlighten drivers, passengers, and the broader community on the importance of selecting safe vehicles.

Leisa Wall, Joint CCO at FCB, reflects on the collaboration: “It was great working with Steve Ayson on an NZTA Waka Kotahi project again. The first thing he did even before the treatment was check his own car’s safety rating. Everyone should know the safety rating of their car, especially if you’re in the market to buy one. Hopefully, this project will get more people talking and checking.”

Set to be disseminated across a variety of channels including TV, radio, digital platforms, and social media, the vehicle safety campaign begins nationwide on 18th February.

  • For further details about the ‘Safe Vehicles’ campaign and to find resources on vehicle safety, visit rightcar.govt.nz

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