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AMSTERDAM, Monday: Even amid Covid-19 uncertainty, the global Vertex International Design Awards carried on judging, with Brother Design NZ’s work for Foodstuffs’ house brand Pams one of the winners.

Awarded Gold for Pams confectionery, Silver for the redesigned Pams brand and Bronze for Pams Chilled pasta, the Vertex judges were clearly impressed with the own-label brand’s new look.

Foodstuffs Own Brand Ltd marketing manager Melissa Steffensen said: “Customers love Pams and want to easily find and identify it on shelf.

“Brothers’ new packaging design clearly trumpets the brand, ensuring no matter what aisle of the supermarket you are shopping in, you can easily find Pams.”

Brother Design business development director Jenny McMillan said: “Pams has a long and successful history at award shows, including Vertex: the only international show devoted exclusively to packaging design for private brand.

“It’s always rewarding to have good work recognised but these wins feel really special.

“We hope we’ve done Pams proud.”

“We’re really thankful to the Vertex judges for following through on the awards during a time of considerable uncertainty. And equally thankful to Foodstuffs for the opportunities they’ve given us. We hope we’ve done them proud.”

All of the winning designs were masterminded by Brother senior designer Justine Rankine.

“It’s been my pleasure to work on the design direction of the Pams brand for nearly a decade,” Rankine says. “It’s just sensational to be recognised once again, particularly during these times and with so much at stake.

“With brand extensions into the more premium and more value-focused tiers above and below it, Brother had been given the critical task of creating a new packaging design system for the core Pams brand.

“The design needed to communicate affordability, quality and functionality across a diverse range of products and formats.

“The look we devised aims to communicate quality, building trust and consumer confidence through the use of a consistent brand architecture across all packaging.”

and continues to expand and diversify its range, consolidating its position as NZ’s number one private label.

About Vertex
The Vertex Awards are the only global competition devoted exclusively to the art of Private Brand package design. The awards are judged by panel of industry experts from around the world and awarded based on Creativity, Marketability, and Innovation. The awards were created by Christopher Durham the president of My Private Brand and Phil Russo the publisher of Global Retail Brands.

About Brother Design
Brother Design is a specialist brand and packaging design agency, with a strong reputation for retail and FMCG packaging design. The Auckland-based company creates designs for local market leaders and high growth export companies, many from NZ’s booming food industry.

About Foostuffs
Foodstuffs NZ is our biggest grocery distributor and one of the country’s largest organisations with over 680 stores and wholesale outlets, including New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square supermarkets. The Pams brand was launched in 1937.

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