Oceania Healthcare says it was ‘her idea’

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Oceania Healthcare, with a little loving assistance from Rainger & Rolfe and Film Construction, has just released its first television commercial as they look to reinforce their core brand positioning platform around care.

Her Idea was written to address the uncertainty and create a feeling of empowerment when deciding to leave the family home.

“Raising the subject of moving is often difficult both for the family and the older person,” said sales & marketing general manager Jill Birch.

“We wanted people to talk to us when they’re ready. There are a myriad of options available to them and we wanted to position ourselves as the go-to place where they can ask their questions.”

Rainger & Rolfe’s Ant Rainger said: “It’s a very clever script and beautifully filmed. And whilst ultimately we wanted to communicate the core proposition around care we felt there was also an opportunity to build brand equity by breaking the category norm.”

The commercial is running throughout October and November as a 60” with cut down 30s” due to go to air in 2016.


Oceania: Jill Birch, Bronwyn Webster
Agency: Rainger & Rolfe
Account management: Ant Rainger, Cess Underwood, Stella Terrell
Creative Director + writer: Hugh Walsh
Art Director + design: Lauren Proud
Production company: Film Construction
Director: Mick Andrews
Producer: Tim Costar
Executive Producer: Patrick McAteer.

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