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Ogilvy MD Greg Partington has issued a statement to M+AD clarifying much of the speculation swirling around the agency’s rebranding.

“Last week,” he writes, “Ogilvy Global announced the agency’s re-founding and it’s new mission to serve as an integrated creative network that Makes Brands Matter.

“To meet the changing needs of clients, the transformation has been in the making for the last 18-months, reported as the largest transformation in the history of Ogilvy and building a new model for the industry which Ogilvy helped to create 70 years ago.

“I acknowledge that we in New Zealand have taken some time to advise on our position following the global announcement, resisting the insistence from some industry media to make an immediate statement. There was a great deal to consider, including the need to brief clients first.

“We in New Zealand wholeheartedly support Ogilvy’s re-founding. We’re 100% committed to the re-branding and the operating model changes that sit behind it.

“The removal of silos that John Seifert has implemented around the world is a process we’ve been going through over the last 12 months as we adapt our offer to a multi-channel digital environment.

“The new organisational design takes Ogilvy from a matrix-managed company of sub-brands to one truly integrated brand made up of six core capabilities and 10 crafts, along with a new operating system.

“I acknowledge that we in NZ have taken some time to advise on our position following the global announcement.”

“The disruption to ad agencies caused by the digital revolution is significant and we’ve been looking to upgrade our business model to enhance our competitiveness and value to our clients.

“This will allow Ogilvy to create more dynamic, integrated and agile work. It positions us to take full advantage of today’s marketing and communication tools and technologies.

“It will also help break down barriers caused by individual business units competing for revenue. We will be one team working more effectively and efficiently.”

Partington says the single, unified group (Ogilvy) is built on five key pillars:

  1. New Organizational design
  2. New Consulting offering
  3. New brand identity and design system
  4. New Partnership model
  5. New global digital platform

“This bold move will help us better harness the capabilities we have, making us easier to work with.”

  • Six Core Capabilities: Brand Strategy, Advertising, Customer Engagement and Commerce, PR and Influence, Digital Transformation.
  • Ten Crafts: Creative, Strategy, Delivery, Client Service, Data, Technology, Talent, Business Development, Marketing and Communications, and Production.
  • www.ogilvy.com

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