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AUCKLAND, Today: Government services advisor Whānau Ora has teamed up with Ogilvy to release a fresh brand direction, website and new campaign titled We Dream.

Delivered in the format of a short film, We Dream highlights real-life challenges faced by New Zealand whānau in housing, poverty, education, employment and gaining opportunities for sustainable change.

The storyline is narrated by Whānau Ora’s own real-life “Navigators” (the frontline people that work directly with whānau to navigate and wrap the necessary services around them to support improvement in their lives, ultimately creating hope and the ‘space to dream’.

“Many whānau face a daily struggle for the basic necessities,” says Whānau Ora commissioning chairperson Merepeka Raukawa-Tait.

“This kind of struggle leaves little room to plan for improvement and take action toward eventual self-reliance.

“Whānau Ora values families and supports them to grow their strengths, it does not view them as problems that need fixing. This is fundamental to the approach we take.”

We Dream was released through targeted PR & digital media alongside an ambassador programme featuring former All Black Israel Dagg and his wife Daisy, All Black Patrick Tuipulotu, Black Fern Ruby Tui, Silver Fern Phoenix Karaka, TV presenter Stacey Morrison, social influencer The Cougar Boys and Hurricane star Vince Aso.

“It was an honour to work on such a meaningful project.”

Within 48 hours of launch, the campaign had saturated popular social media channels and Whānau Ora ambassadors appeared on national radio stations and news TV channels, reaching hundreds of thousands of people across the country with their message of hope.

Te Whānau O Waipareira comms manager Joseph Lose said: “Partnering with Ogilvy we were able to craft a unique narrative  that started meaningful conversations around the nation about the importance of the work we do and resulted in an outpouring of public support.”

“The rollout plan they designed, in conjunction with our wonderful ambassador programme provided a platform for us to touch people’s hearts. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

The Whānau Ora policy looks to increase the wellbeing of individuals in the context of their whānau and so differs from traditional social and health models that focus solely on the needs of the individual in more institutional environments.

Although Whānau Ora support is available to all New Zealand families, currently those with multiple and complex needs are prioritised.

Ogilvy marketing director Huia Ngapo said: “The goal of this campaign was to spread a message of hope and possibility by making New Zealand aware of Whānau Ora’s vital role in the welfare ecosystem.

“By utilising integrated PR & media channels to tell their story, we were able to go beyond the device and create a wider conversation and support network for the initiative that will far outlive the campaign lifespan.

“It was an honour to work on such a meaningful project.”


Agency: Ogilvy NZ
Managing Director / Strategy: Greg Partington
Chief Creative Officer: Regan Grafton
Senior Creative: Julie Spedding
Writer: Brooke Wiley
Head of Design: Nathan Chambers
Design Director: Danny Carlsen
Agency Film Producer: Matt McPhail
Head of Post Production: Martin Spencer
Senior Editor: Gonzalo Deza
Project Director: Daniele Lowe
Head of Digital: Clare Warne
Experience Researcher: Tania Hockings
UX Designer: Kieran Savage
Ogilvy Head of Technology: Greg Rogan
Senior Developer: Joseph Lewis
Senior Developer: Alex Candler
Photographer/Retoucher: Jamie Wright
Head of Media: Rachel Anderson-Cormack
Media Director: Di Rice
Digital Media Manager: Helen Breckon
Ogilvy Marketing & PR Director: Huia Ngapo
Head of Digital: Clare Warne
Experience Researcher: Tania Hockings
Experience Designer: Kieran Savage
Developer: Joseph Lewis
Developer: Alex Candler
Client: Whānau Ora
Chief Executive: John Tamihere
Communications: Joe Lose
Communications Manager: Simone Anderson
Content Producer: Ken Gavet
Media Coordinator: Katene Durie-Doherty
Creative Director: Fender Maeva
Tātou Cultural Advisor: Jerome Mika
Film 360 Senior Film Producer: Sage Haggart
ADNA Music composer: Chris Warne

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