ATTENTION PLEASE! OMD, Omnicom Media Group works with Amplified Intelligence to understand the power of attention in media

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: OMD New Zealand and eight clients have partnered with global attention measurement leader, Amplified Intelligence, to conduct a country-first Unlocking the Power of Attention study on how Kiwis retain attention across various media platforms.

OMG NZ chief investment officer Scott Keddie said: “Attention is vastly important because it broadens the focus from traditional ROI and CPM measurements, and helps move us closer to the consumers through human-centred data capture.

“The results allow us to optimise and tailor creative execution, make more effective media planning decisions and better align strategies with highly predictive commercial outcomes.

“Following an OMD global initiative, OMD has partnered locally in New Zealand with Amplified Intelligence to look at advertising attention and its relationship to business and brand outcomes across social media, TV, BVOD and open web.

“The findings were striking and will now be used by OMD and its clients to optimise future campaigns where optimum attention is most likely, taking into consideration ad formats, treatments, copy lengths, as well as branded messaging and execution.

“Amplified Intelligence & OMG are on a mission to support accountable and effective media planning by developing the best attention measurement tools backed by the world’s deepest and most accurate attention data.

“Their attentionPLAN media planning tool and its deep cross-platform attention data offers the most profound update to reach and engagement planning the industry has seen in 50 years.

“We have been in discussion with Professor Karen Nelson-Field and her team at Amplified Intelligence for some time to support the launch of Amplified Intelligence in the NZ market, as the importance of attention in planning and investment plays a greater role across OMG NZ and our clients, and we will continue to partner with Amplified Intelligence to bring attention level metrics to meet our clients objectives as we endeavor to reach more engaged audiences”

“OMD New Zealand is the first to market with this type of study, and eight clients were selected from the OMD portfolio to take part. Collectively they represent a broad range of industries and categories, and all actively participated with the aim of understanding what attention elasticity exists within various media channels.

“Attention and the ability to measure it, is hugely topical across the industry right now.”

Key findings from OMD New Zealand’s Unlocking the Power of Attention study include:

  • In an age where attention is fleeting, branding becomes even more important, yet on scrollable and skippable formats, we found that 80% of branded moments appeared when less than 20% of the paid reach volume were watching. Brands need to understand this attention decay and optimise creativity around it.
  • Looking only at scrollable and skippable formats, the increase in brand uplift between early branding (when many were paying attention) and late branding (where less than 20% are paying attention) is 35%.
  • The gap between ‘viewable’ (by MRC standard) and viewable with attention was shown not only to be vast, but also vastly different across every single ad format. This has huge implications for companies hoping to find a one size fits all solution to attention measurement.

Nelson-Field said: “Empowering OMD’s clients with real human outcomes specific to their business’ helps immeasurably showcase the value in attention measurement. We’ve been able to highlight key efficiencies in their strategies, while helping demonstrate the best supporting formats and channels that truly deliver the commercial gains they are striving for.”

OMD NZ ceo Nigel Douglas said: “Attention and the ability to measure it, is hugely topical across the industry right now.

“We are pleased to partner with Karen and her team to develop this local insight for our clients enabling them to leverage an attention advantage in market.

  • Click here to hear more about the project from Professor Karen Nelson-Field

About OMD & Omnicom Media Group
OMD Worldwide is the world’s largest media network with 13,000 people working in over 100 countries. Omnicom Media Group is the media services division of Omnicom Group, Inc. (NYSE: OMC), a leading global advertising, marketing and corporate communications company, providing services to 5000 clients in 100 countries. The group is comprised of global, award-winning agencies Hearts & Science, OMD and PHD.

About Amplified Intelligence
Amplified Intelligence is a South Australian start-up founded by Professor Karen Nelson-Field in 2017.

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