oOh!media, NZ Defence Force & OMD work together to recruit Kiwis nationwide (Updated)

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AUCKLAND, Tueday: The New Zealand Defence Force and OMD have partnered with oOh!media to maximise their campaign to attract young New Zealanders to join the armed services.

NZDF are running three site takeovers in popular locations across the oOh!media network, including Symonds St in Auckland, Oriental Parade in Wellington, and a takeover of the Wellington Underpass.

The sites have been completely wrapped to showcase key messaging, and feature pushbutton-activated sound panels to emphasise the messages the NZDF want to highlight to new recruits, alongside QR codes driving them to find out more.

NZDF marketing & comms manager said: “Through the use of sound panels, oOh!media has brought a whole new dimension to the campaign. By adding this interactive feature, the NZDF are able to leave an even deeper impression on the public.

“Through the use of sound panels, oOh!media has brought a whole new dimension to the campaign.”

“To achieve the full impact, it was important to give our audience the opportunity to hear these accounts first-hand.

“oOh! has delivered an interactive experience that utilises both static imagery with QR codes and sound capable panels to play NZDF’s engaging stories out loud and encourage people to scan the codes to find out more.

“This is a simple and elegant solution that fits nicely into our campaign strategy and wider media mix. Reduced fares on public transport and rapidly increasing adoption provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with this approach.”

The builds went live in Auckland and Wellington in September.

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