OMD appoints Rachel Stewart as GM

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AUCKLAND, Today: OMD New Zealand has just promoted Rachel Stewart to General Manager. With over two decades in the media scene, and ten years with OMD, she’s stepping up from Head of Client Service.

In her previous role, Rachel managed major clients and worked with OMD’s Business Directors to lead market innovations.

She’s passionate about brand building, performance initiatives, and impactful work that drives commercial success. Rachel has also mentored key talent and led the pioneering Attention Study in New Zealand.

“I’m often asked why I’ve spent the better part of a decade with OMD, and the answer is quite simple. I’m really proud of the culture and capabilities that we lead and continue to develop here at OMD.”

“I vividly remember clocking Rachel’s incredible talent when I first started at OMD.” – Nigel Douglas

Rachel adds, “I have the had the privilege of working with many of our great clients and partners to deliver market leading work, alongside our wonderful OMD team. I’m excited to bring a new focus of attention led planning, underpinned by sophisticated data capability.

“The rapid acceleration of digital transformation our market is seeing brings with it a raft of opportunities to provide great consumer connection points our clients can leverage,” says Stewart.

OMD CEO Nigel Douglas fully supports Rachel’s new role, noting her exceptional talents and leadership from the start. “I vividly remember clocking Rachel’s incredible talent when I first started at OMD.

“It brings me great joy to see her progress through the business to this very senior role now in 2024. She is great talent and a great leader. She has made already made a significant impact and she’s just getting started, ” Nigel states.

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