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NEW YORK, Today: In response to an ad-media release about yet another Northern Hemisphere “team of experts”, M+AD last night asked One Club PR guru Jack Mello: “Maybe One Club will come up with a Kiwi team sometime?”

As usual, New York-based Mello responded promptly …

“One Club ceo Kevin Swanepoel saw your post and had an idea. How about an NZ agency who might be a good fit for a campaign to promote the historic ADC centennial and archive?  

“It’s an amazing archive of advertising and design history that’s exclusive to the Art Directors Club (founded in 1920, now known as ADC), and it hasn’t received the attention from the global creative community that it deserves.

“The campaign would probably encompass some banners and social assets.

“We’d in turn promote the campaign/agency on our global social channels (130k followers on Instagram, 62k on Twitter, 262k on Facebook), on The One Club website, in email newsletters sent globally and via PR.

“We may invite a NZ agency to create a campaign to promote the historic ADC centennial and archive.”

“Back in August, The One Club for Creativity, the foremost nonprofit organisation whose mission is to support the global creative community, announced the launch of the year-long ADC centennial celebration.

“The centrepiece of the programme, developed by NY creative studio C&G Partners, is the ADC100 timeline.

“Each month, starting with the 1920s last August, the timelines highlight a decade of content including images and words from historically significant individuals from the Art Directors Club’s rich history, ground-breaking design work and ads that won ADC Cubes, looks inside all ADC Annuals from over the years, and letters and essays related to the organisation.

“The ADC100 timeline is a n historical treasure trove, providing rare insights into the observations and human exchanges of the creative community throughout the past century.

“Serialised monthly content traces the history of ADC, and by extension tells the story of how the design and advertising professions evolved during major global events including recessions, world wars and shifts in consumer lifestyles.”


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