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AUCKLAND, Today: An anonymous reader has submitted this ‘comment’ about our recent Tip Top story (scroll down for the link) … 

“In what world did these moron marketing execs think it was acceptable to insert a fucking ice cream brand into a literal matter of life and death – a serious matter our country needs to deal with.

“The people that came up with this are deranged husks. Take a look around FFS.

“Great job Bastion Shine. Clap. Clap.”

“How many times did the gross corporate phrase ‘we’re starting the dialogue’ get thrown around in meetings while Shine employees pat themselves on the back? Gross AF.

“All while Tip Top’s parent company does immeasurable harm around the globe.

“Great job Bastion Shine. Clap. Clap.”

  • To view, click on the Bastion Shine takes an ice-cream break “1 comment” here

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