NZ online revenue surges to a record $923m

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New Zealand interactive advertising reported in 2017 reached a record $NZ923m for the full year ($257m Q4) – a 7% year-on-year increase.

Desktop dominates
Twenty-nine percent ($267m) of total revenue was served to desktop devices over the year while mobile devices (smartphone and tablet) attracted $20.3m or 7% of revenue.

Smartphone revenue reached $55m or 6% of total revenue.  The Smartphone revenue reported reflects revenue generated by NZ publishers and is net of Search and Social.

Display Revenue
Across all devices, Display advertising revenue landed at $150m with general Display advertising reaching $94.3m.

Video generated just short of $35m over the year.

The Sponsorship category earned $5.5m (4%) while Native contributed $16m (11%) to the Display number.

Programmatic Revenue
Programmatic Revenue (net of Google Ad Ex) realised $60m in 2017 (40% of Display Revenue). The The Association of National Advertisers in the US estimates that around 40% of revenue booked  programmatically is finally attributed to media owners. Using this benchmark some $24m of programmatic spend is attributed to NZ publishers.

Classifieds and Directories
The Classifieds and Directories category produced $181m for the year, 20% of total revenue.

The Search category topped $541m in the year and now forms 59% of total revenue.

Social Media
As reported by SMI, social media revenue captured by NZ media agencies reached $51 in 2017 (6% of total revenue)

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