oOh! dangles $100k Excite bait

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The immersive interactivity of oOh!media’s digital Excite retail panels not only builds deep connection with those engaging with them, but with an additional four to seven times more shoppers who stop to watch the interaction, the company claims.

“The finding, based on data collected over the 18 months that Excite panels have been in market, comes as oOh! challenges New Zealand’s advertising community to develop compelling creative for a chance to win a $100,000 Excite campaign,” says oOh!Media GM Adam McGregor.

He said the Excite network, which recently expanded to 15 panels and covers the key markets Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Palmerston North across New Zealand, is not only packed with a wide range of technology to engage people to interact with screens, but generates what oOh! has termed the “halo effect”.

“Whether people are playing a game on screen via touch or kinetic gestures or placing themselves in the advert to then share on their social media channels, we know that it attracts a crowd of onlookers who also engage with the brand,” McGregor said.

“For a campaign that achieves more than 30,000 interactions, we know from data that the total engagements between the brand and shoppers could be up to 210,000 as a result of the halo effect.

The $100k challenge
“We are now challenging the industry to come up with a creative concept that uses Excite to its full potential and takes shopper engagement with a brand to a new level.”

oOh! is offering advertisers and agencies the opportunities to win an Excite advertising package worth up to $100,000 for a client of their choice by presenting their best creative and strategic campaign idea using the interactive technologies packed inside the panels.

To enter, applicants need to register at ip.oohmedia.com.au/excitenzcompetition, have the Excite panels demonstrated by the oOh! team and then submit their proposal, which will be judged by a panel of independent industry experts.

Judges will base their winning criteria on the most creative use of the Excite panel and how it integrates with oOh!’s wider leading retail offering which also includes Digital ShopaLives, classic ShopaLites and EVOKE large format panels.

“We are looking for innovative ideas that drive integration with mobile and social and draw on the Excite features such as touch interactivity and gesture control,” McGregor said. “We know just how creative the Kiwi advertising industry can be and this is a chance for it to think big, win big and put NZ OOH on the map with something truly engaging and unmissable.”

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