oOh! full motion Winner winner is a free-range chicken dinner

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The Winner, Winner campaign concept to celebrate Nando’s NZ’s commitment to using only 100% NZ-raised free range chicken has been awarded $120,000 of full motion retail media split across oOh!media’s nationwide network of Evoke and Shopalive panels. 

The Nando’s campaign, a collaboration by Mindshare, bcg2 and Black Digital, turns oOh!’s full motion panels into fruit machines with rotating images of various Nando’s menu items. If a shopper gets a photo of a sign with three matching products in a row, they can get that product for free from their closest Nando’s restaurant.

oOh!’s New Zealand GM Adam McGregor said Nando’s will enjoy a powerful campaign as a result of winning oOh!’s full motion digital advertising promotion, as it delivers the proven results of full motion vision plus combined benefits of using both Shopalive and Evoke formats.

“Neuroscience studies show that creative using full motion captures greater attention, creates a stronger emotional response, drives memory encoding and ultimately drives purchase,” McGregor said. 

“The judges – including Paul Head – were impressed with the quality of all entries and the various approaches that the entrants took to answering oOh!’s challenge”

“Research by Ocean Outdoor* shows effective use of full motion digital can increase impact by two and a half times.

“Full motion is a powerful tool to build deeper engagement and through our full motion network, marketers can more effectively reach 75% of all people across 52 centres and 11 oOh!media regions or 1.7 million unique people each fortnight.

“On top of that, oOh!’s Shopalive and Evoke panels gives the Nando’s campaign the holy grail of national reach with real scale and impact across the largest shopping centres in New Zealand.

“Shopalive’s offer the ideal solution to deliver campaign reach, proximity to target retailers and dynamic content, while full motion, large format, digital Evoke panels located in high-dwell shopping centres are the ideal solution to achieve brand impact.”

Comms Council ceo, and chair of judges for the competition, Paul Head, said the engaging creative made clever use of gamification to provide a direct link back into restaurant and motivated shoppers to act.

“The idea made highly effective use of oOh!’s full motion digital out of home retail network and is an excellent example of the value of creatively led and highly targeted outdoor,” Head said.

“The judges were impressed with the overall quality of all entries and the various approaches that the entrants took to answering oOh!’s challenge to use full motion capabilities to their full potential.

“But there could only be one winner and the Nando’s campaign concept ticked all the boxes.”

Fellow panel member and director of technology & innovation for full service London-based agency WCRS, Dino Burbridge, said the major appeal of the campaign came down to simplicity and engagement.

“It is a simple, yet compelling use of the media that encouraged people to stop and use it for their own benefit,” he said.

The other panellists of the expert judging panel reviewing the creative concepts for the promotion – that was open to agencies and clients – included the ceo of Ocean Outdoor (UK) Tim Bleakley, the McCann London ECD Ross Neil, and oOh! ceo Brendon Cook.

“Research by Ocean Outdoor* shows effective use of full motion digital can increase impact by two and a half times.”

Mindshare’s Elaine Wightman said: “Leveraging our Nando’s gamification creative across oOh! assets enables us to not only bring some Nando’s fun to our campaign, but also importantly encourages trial of our 100% free range chicken offering. All round it’s a win-win situation.”

The Nando’s campaign will run on oOh!’s network of Evoke and Shopalive panels from later this year.

*Source: Ocean Outdoor, A neuroscience view of full motion in DOOH, March 2018.

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