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AUCKLAND, Monday: Lens Outdoor NZ has rolled out new site-testing technology for the out-of-home sector, in the shape of a portable Lens Rover, a device which counts traffic and audience numbers to show the potential of new digital sites.

The Rover uses technology developed to quantify digital out-of-home audiences in specific locations.

Lens CTO Robin Arnold says the Rover will be particularly impactful for smaller provincial cities and towns, where uncertainty of audience numbers have restricted OOH providers from investing confidently in new properties.

“OOH providers can now collect true audience numbers prior to launching or building a new site.”

“The Lens Rover means that OOH providers can collect true audience numbers prior to launching or building a new site, supplying clients and advertisers with up-to-date, accurate evaluations,” he says.

“The unit will help OOH providers communicate the potential of new sites, and through the LENS technology, will be able to provide real-time audience metrics to their clients for greater transparency of the footfall in the area,” concludes Arnold.

Fully self-sufficient, the Rover uses solar-powered battery technology, and has 4G mobile internet capability.

It uses multiple site-based high-resolution cameras, specialised number plate recognition software and an intuitive dashboard to deliver the insights. Lens uses alpha-numeric code to access anonymised data to identify vehicle type, make, model and year of manufacture for each plate it sees.

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