OOHMAA launches new DOOH Standard in New Zealand

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AUCKLAND, Friday: OOHMAA has collaborated with the Out of Home Buyers Committee* and a panel of experts to create a Verification Standard, enhancing transparency and ease of transaction in Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising.

Natasha O’Connor, CEO of OOHMAA, says, “Third-party Digital Out of Home (DOOH) verification platforms have been evolving as our members invest more in DOOH inventory, enhancing the sector’s growth.”

“The Verification Standard makes the DOOH verification process clearer, educates the market on its principles, sets agreed metrics for measuring campaigns, and offers a robust dispute process if campaigns fall short,” O’Connor remarks.

“In Aotearoa, we are pioneers in DOOH, as shown by advertisers rapidly embracing this channel; 76%** of all revenue is from Digital Out of Home—the highest digital revenue share in the world as of 2023,” O’Connor notes.

“OOHMAA thanks both committees for crafting fair verification metrics. Looking ahead, we aim to align measurement standards and terminology to simplify transactions,” O’Connor concludes.

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