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AUCKLAND, Today: Two tvcs featuring actors singing along to hit songs (currently screening) couldn’t be more different.

The first (and worst) is AA Insurance’s Live a Little Freer which features Matt Munroe’s Born Free where the “actors” pretend to be the singer.

This ad makes everybody we know cringe. We’ve chosen to exercise mercy by not naming the agency or the film co.

In contrast, FCB & Ruskin’s Say Goodbye to Gas for Mercury Energy – where the actors actually do sing along – tunelessly and joyously – with The Manhattan’s slinky Kiss and Say Goodbye is a wonderful piece of work.

Why does one work and the other fail? Still trying to figure that out!

  • Born Free & Kiss below

Without a great headline, fewer people are going to read your great content …

  • See ya later, alligator – A bit obvious – but an apt headline in the Herald last week about the departure from Napier’s National Aquarium of alligator Cheryl – all 74 teeth of her – who’s returning to her refurbished home in Mangere.
  • herald thu 27 feb (alligator image in dropbox)
  • Sellabration – Comms Council Axis headline. C’mon guys – you can do better than that!
  • Graze anatomy – Smart-cow startup story (the Herald again).
  • Brand Niue – Niue Tourism taps Lwindi Ellis PR (M+AD yesterday).

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