Orcon’s terrorist ad fires up the big telcos

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Orcon has enlisted a dodgy terrorist with a hand-held explosive device and a nice line in poisoned darts to take its attack message to Vodafone and Spark.

“Bandwidth throttling or ‘traffic management’ is the slowing of internet traffic by an ISP in an attempt to regulate network costs,” says Orcon general manager Mike Shirley by way of explanation. “It’s essentially prioritising types of traffic so at busy times of the day, like in the evening, or for peer-to-peer use, some consumers will likely notice their internet speed slowing.”

The ad portrays Spark and Vodafone as smirking plotters – which has not amused the big telcos. Spark’s Richard Llewellyn called the TVC a PR stunt. And there’s talk of court action.

Orcon also released a complementary TVC featuring our terrorist pal holding forth on the joys of global mode. Watch it here: target=”_blank”>

The creative agency was Contagion; the producer was Finch.

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