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WELLINGTON, Today: The Capital’s favourite out-to-lunch PR + communications firm DCG has been forced to scrap its original zero growth strategy, in favour of inviting a fourth to join their team of rapscallions.

DCG HR lead David Cormack said: “Despite not even trying very hard, companies from all across the motu have been banging the door down at DCG’s brand new office on Victoria Street, in Te Aro fighting for a space on its fiercely guarded client page.

“Warner Bros Discovery, Ours not Mines, and Internet NZ join the rest of the family of CordBank, Snapper, Habit Health and a bunch of others you can see here: drapercormack.nz/clients.”

“And to help do all the things the DCG team are welcoming Janaya Soma as the firm’s new senior consultant.

“We’re super pumped to have Janaya join our weird little team.”

“When we advertised, we had a massive number of candidates from all over the world; many of whom were amazing. But Janaya was the most amazing of all.OUT-TO-LINCHOuts

“We’re super pumped to have her join our weird little team. It’s a sign of confidence that our first proper hire, Tasmin Prichard is still here.

DCG co-founder Lou Draper O’Reilly said: “Interviewing over zoom was a bit different. We’re not so interested in competency questions in our interviews, but seeing how people respond to a bit of odd is always fun.

“I had covid during the interviews and so it was nice to see which of the candidates had a bit of compassion for my situation and those who didn’t really give a shit about it.

Janaya will be starting with DCG on May 10.

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