Outdoor meets TV eye-to-eye

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A recent study conducted by APN Outdoor has found that Outdoor recall is on par with TV. The findings, which were taken from APN Outdoor’s Attention Economy study, revealed that 83% of people in New Zealand recall ads on Outdoor formats, the same recall as TV.

Recall levels across TV and Outdoor remain consistent, despite the fact that New Zealanders spend around 10 hours more a week watching TV than they do travelling outside. “This result clearly demonstrates Outdoor’s notable efficiency when it comes to converting time spent with a medium to recall,” says APNO NZ general manager Phil Clemas.

In another key finding, the study also uncovered that Outdoor ads are the least avoided, with only 11% of people in New Zealand actively avoiding them, versus 42% of people who actively avoid TV ads.

“The results from this study validate our industry’s claim that Outdoor is right up there with TV in terms of ad recall and audience engagement,” Clemas said. “Going one step further, it also reveals that Outdoor actually outperforms TV when it comes to ad avoidance and actually converts much more efficiently.

“We devised the Attention Economy study to assist our clients when planning their media campaigns and we trust that these findings will put Outdoor into context with other mediums and highlight its unique advertising benefits.”

Clemas says APN Outdoor’s Attention Economy Study is the largest of its kind ever undertaken in the across Australia and New Zealand. With 6600 participants, the Attention Economy uncovered how audiences in nine major Australasian metropolitan markets – including Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch – move, think, feel and respond to Outdoor advertising.

APN Outdoor partnered with global research consultantMillward Brown to carry out the study.

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