Outdoor racking up the eyeballs

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The Outdoor Media Association (OMANZ) has announced its 2015 full-year revenue total of $79,726,406, showing a year-on-year increase of 12% over 2014.

The growth was substantial and consistent throughout each quarter of 2015 but with a significant spike in Q4, where it peaked at 24%.

“2015 was another very strong year for our members,” said OMANZ spokesman Adam McGregor. “Our results have now demonstrated three consecutive years of growth for the first time since records began [2013 +13%, 2014 +7.2%] and we are confident that this will continue into the future with the ongoing disruption and decrease of spend on some other media channels.

“Out of home media provides a solid broadcast platform that advertisers can rely on. And with ongoing technical developments and increased digitisation many displays are becoming more dynamic and interactive, offering advertisers greater creative opportunity than ever before.

“So while other media suffers with the continual rise of all things interactive, Out of Home will benefit.”

Increases in OOH spend year-on-year reported by Nielsen have come from airlines, travel, automotive, financial institutions, alcoholic beverages, beauty and media. “The increased spend isn’t limited to the larger advertisers either,” McGregor says.

“Huge increases have come from a broad array of smaller spenders too, demonstrating a wide scale increased confidence and understanding of the value out of home has to offer.

“OMANZ member operators continue to invest in a number of initiatives to offer advertisers even more high quality out of home solutions, with the aim of exceeding our target of 5% share.”

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