Oz expert unveils ‘thumb-stopping’ Facebook secrets

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Facebook Australia creative strategist Gavin Carver has returned to Sydney after delivering a two-day workshop to the current 22 MDS AdSchool class of 2014.

Carver’s focus was showing the students how to get the best out of the Facebook Creative Shop platform to deliver creative Facebook campaigns.

AdSchool CD Kate Humphries said that the attention paid to the relevancy of Facebook in today’s media landscape was highly beneficial for her students.

“It was about Facebook now – not Facebook two years ago,” she said. “It was very, very eye-opening and it has forced us away from the kneejerk thinking of Facebook as social media to thinking of it as mass media.”

Humphries says that Carver’s workshop has thoroughly pushed the student’s thinking away from apps and ‘likes’ and sharply focused it instead on delivering thumb-stopping content on mobile – not desktop – devices.”

For more information, visit www.mediadesignschool.com.

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