PHD and FCB place PAK’nSAVE’s Stickman as TVNZ’s latest intern

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AUCKLAND, Monday: To optimize advertising expenses, PAK’nSAVE’s Stickman has secured a position as TVNZ’s summer intern for 2023. Throughout the week, viewers can anticipate encountering the beloved brand mascot in unexpected locations across the network.

PHD Aotearoa and creative agency FCB Aotearoa have collaborated to bring Stickman’s aspirations to life, allowing him to step beyond the confines of ad breaks. As an intern at TVNZ, Stickman will undertake diverse roles, including answering phones, delivering the Broadcasting Standards Authority message, co-hosting the weather on Breakfast, and enjoying a unique opportunity to meet the cast of Seven Sharp. Alongside these responsibilities, Stickman will creatively spread his cost-saving messages throughout the network.

According to PHD Account Director Jamie Bowman, media magic is a crucial element of their work, and the collaboration with TVNZ and FCB has allowed them to enhance Stickman’s résumé. The level of integration achieved in this partnership is unparalleled, offering a fresh and interesting approach for Stickman to convey his budget-friendly messages, especially during this time of the year.

Leisa Wall and Peter Vegas, co-chief creative officers at FCB, express Stickman’s long-held desire to extend beyond television ads and hope he doesn’t squander this opportunity.

“Steve Ickman, Stickman is set to become the first brand mascot to oversee both internal and external communications at TVNZ.”

Interning as his alter-ego, Steve Ickman, Stickman is set to become the first brand mascot to oversee both internal and external communications at TVNZ. This includes pre-recorded phone messages at the TVNZ reception and curating his own TVNZ+ belt featuring low-price themed shows.

PAK’nSAVE Senior Marketing Manager – Brand and CX, Lauren Ness, emphasizes Stickman’s commitment to saving Kiwis money, especially during the spendy season. The collaboration with PHD Aotearoa and FCB Aotearoa exemplifies how creativity, collaboration, and Stickman’s ingenuity can result in exceptional and surprising outcomes.

As part of the campaign, PAK’nSAVE introduces its community-driven initiative, PAK Gives Back. This initiative supports various community causes, providing New Zealanders with access to healthy and affordable food. To spread Christmas cheer, PAK Gives Back invites Seven Sharp viewers to nominate deserving recipients for a chance to receive one of two $5,000 PAK’nSAVE Gift Cards, to be presented in the final episode of Breakfast for the year.

Aaron Dawson, GM of Blacksand and Partnerships, commends Stickman’s summer internship as a magical representation of a brilliant partnership and groundbreaking integration. The innovative storytelling, weaving Stickman across TVNZ’s programming, channels, and talent, showcases the value partnerships can offer brands and viewers.

Stickman’s internship commenced on December 7th, with his induction day on Seven Sharp and cameo appearances on Breakfast on the 12th and 15th of December, available on both TVNZ channel one and TVNZ+. Audiences can also anticipate Stickman’s takeover of marketing assets across TVNZ, including menu boards, classification ratings, brand indents, and next promo.


Jamie Bowman: Account Director, PHD
Stephen Larsen: Group Business Director, PHD
Adria Sell: Investment Manager, PHD
Chie Hemsley: Senior Account Director, DRUM
Peter Vegas & Leisa Wall: Chief Creative Officers, FCB
Tim Gavriel: Senior Creative, FCB
Aaron Carbines: Senior Creative, FCB
Marijana Jugum: Senior Producer, FCB
Corban Koschak: Head of Post Production, FCB
Jane Wardlaw: Managing Director, FCB
Sarah-Jane Ferrens: Senior Account Director, FCB
Océan Grady: Account Manager, FCB
Ben Fisher: Head of Content, Blacksand Commercial, TVNZ
Amanda Pryde: Group Account Director, TVNZ
Jessica Palmer: Senior Business Manager, TVNZ
Olivia Lynd: Senior Commercial Producer, TVNZ
Daniel Nelson: Senior Creative, Blacksand Commercial, TVNZ
Jordyn Witika: Project Executive, TVNZ
Lauren Ness: Senior Marketing Manager, PAK’nSAVE
Saskia Stone: Marketing Coordinator, PAK’nSAVE

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