Pantene pop single celebrates Indonesian women

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Women in Indonesia are the focus for a new Pantene shampoo campaign by Grey that includes a full-length pop song by one of the country’s most famous singers (and single mothers), Anggun.

The track, designed to empower women, is titled Who Says We Can’t? and “celebrates the duality stories of women from various walks of life, a woman who plays the role of a mom and a dad, scholar and a singer, a mom and a rock star”.

Explaining the concept for the Procter & Gamble shampoo brand, an agency spokesperson told Mumbrella Asia: “Women in Indonesia are always practicing the art of walking a tightrope.

“With this song we were able to build heart into the campaign.”

“For them, achieving personal ambitions takes a little more than just will power. It demands a mastery in harmoniously balancing familial expectations and personal goals.

“And while honing this balancing act, women are often faced with judgements that contest their intent and ability, seeding in self-doubt, forcing them to choose one role over another.”

The campaign will run on television, social media – with the hashtag #WhoSaysWeCant – and other websites in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand until the end of the year. In addition, the song has been made available on Spotify.

Grey regional creative director Ridward Ongsano said: “With this song we were able to build heart into the campaign.”

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