Parachute scores Dancing with the Stars

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AUCKLAND, Today: The collective at Parachute Music has embarked on a third season of production music for Dancing with the Stars NZ.

The Kingsland-based creative hub has started on its third season of work with the programme, following on from their stint last year, which saw 109 songs recorded over 10 weeks. 

Parachute, which ran the last two seasons under the Smoke moniker, coordinated seven producers and over 75 local musicians for the season’s 7th season last year.

“Parachute revamped their Kingsland home, which contains seven studios housing a raft of producers and music-makers.”

CEO Mark de Jong is looking forward to a similarly ambitious community effort in 2019: “Dancing with the Stars is always an exciting, pressure-cooker project” he says. “What I love the most is that we have an opportunity to bring so many artists producers together in our facilities to pull it all together – it’s a true community effort.”

“It’s really exciting to be able to provide such a large-scale opportunity for producers and musicians alike.”

Parachute, who have recently revamped their main studio, will run the project out of their Kingsland hub, which contains seven studios housing a raft of producers and music-makers.

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