Federation and NZ Opera’s Macbeth campaign stirs the paranoia in us all

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AUCKLAND, Today: Shakespeare’s Macbeth explores the themes of ambition, power and deep-seated paranoia. To celebrate NZ Opera’s new season, Federation chose to promote Verdi’s take on this dark plot with a twist on the latter.

So how do you create a truly ‘paranoid’ campaign, one that creates an authentic emotional response from the viewer?’

Federation managing partner Elizabeth Beatty said, “NZ Opera is rapidly gaining a reputation for shifting perceptions – what opera is about and who it’s for.

“So we needed an equally impactful campaign that would captivate new audiences and opera fans alike.

“The result is a campaign that inspires people to experience the multi-sensory experience of opera for themselves.

“The ensuing campaign saw every media channel accuse viewers of noticing it. Using the algorithms of digital retargeting, Macbeth followed internet users, claiming they were following him.

“NZ Opera takes the murderous Macbeth and creates a truly visceral experience.”

“In dramatic OOH, Macbeth claimed that viewers were always watching and plotting against him. And on radio, Macbeth accused listeners of eavesdropping on his every waking thought.

Creative lead Tony Clewett said, “NZ Opera takes the murderous Macbeth and creates a truly visceral experience. Masses of energy, striking sets, and stirring music. We knew it would appeal to a very wide audience.”

Targeting a completely different audience, the Feds also created a provocative ambush of Macbeth and McDonald’s, challenging audiences to come and meet the real King.

NZ Opera director of marketing & development Rebecca Galloway said, “Like most of those in the arts, we have been patiently waiting for the crowds to be able to come back.

“This production of Macbeth is one that we are really excited about and we look forward to welcoming some new faces to opera for the first time.”

  • View Macbeth Dagger video here
  • View Macbeth Follow Me video here


Client: Rebecca Galloway, Director of Marketing & Development, NZ Opera
Creative & Strategy: Federation
Design & Production: Federation
Media: Lasso Media
Photography: Ross Brown

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