Partners Life launch The Heist campaign to underscore the importance of income protection

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AUCKLAND, Today: The Heist, the latest instalment of the Partners Life Get Life Right brand platform, underscores the necessity of having a backup plan in life. It brings to light the sobering fact that 170,000 New Zealanders stopped working due to injury or illness in the year ending June 2020, which amounts to about 6% of the country’s employed population.

This campaign illuminates the harsh realities of lacking income protection cover, encouraging the audience to view it as an essential safety net, instead of being compelled to take drastic measures to remain financially solvent.

Mika Ballantyne, Marketing Communications Manager at Partners Life, stressed, “As a nation we are underinsured. Many New Zealanders go through life hoping for the best, but what’s really best is having a plan b. Income insurance provides you with financial support if you are unable to work due to injury or illness, so you don’t find yourself in the position of the poor (once rich) man in this campaign.”

“As a nation we are underinsured. Many New Zealanders go through life hoping for the best, but what’s really best is having a plan b.”


The narrative was brought to life by production company DIVISION and director Sanjay De Silva, who explored a darker cinematic tone, departing from his usual vibrant visual style.

Genevieve Triquet, Executive Producer at DIVISION, expressed pride in the opportunity to collaborate with Partners Life, a brand that values creativity and strong ideas.

Working closely with the creative team at Special, director Sanjay De Silva infused the script with his unique vision, embracing the inevitable clichés of the heist genre—from the shadowy neo-noir aesthetics to the suspenseful soundtrack—to enhance the story’s twist.

Accompanying the main film is a 15-second version that shows the thieves pondering their own need for income protection, while the broader campaign includes outdoor and radio advertisements that point out the lifestyle adjustments necessary without such insurance.

Steve Hansen, Creative Director, shared the creative vision behind the campaign, aiming to subvert expectations and prompt viewers to think about income protection in a new way, comparing the unpredictability of illness or injury to the surprise elements of a film genre twist.


Client: Partners Life
Kris Ballantyne: Chief Commercial Officer
Tina Morgan: General Manager Marketing
Mika Ballantyne: Marketing Communications Manager
Anna Bycroft: Senior Marketing Specialist

Production Company: DIVISION
Director: Sanjay De Silva
MD | Executive Producer: Genevieve Triquet
Producer: Christiana Roberts
DOP: Max Walter
Production Designer: Imo Walsh
Post House: The Editors
Post-Producer: Maxine Zanoni
Offline Editor: Leila Gaabi
Casting Director: Nick Hamon Casting & Citizen Jane Casting
Online: White Chocolate
Colourist: Ben Eagleton

Sound: Liquid Studios
Composer: Danny Cardozo

Agency: Special
Tony Bradbourne: CEO, Creative Chairman
Lisa Fedyszyn: Chief Creative Officer
Jonathan McMahon: Chief Creative Officer
Steve Hansen: Creative Director
Matt Simpkins: Group Creative Director
Nicole Scopes: Integrated Producer
Rory Gallery: Chief Strategy Officer
Jolene D’Souza: Group Strategy Director
Callum Walker: Head of Business Management
Emma Richardson: Group Business Director
Ravina Raju: Business Director
Hamish Kuka: Editor
Gavin Le Claire: Studio Manager
Chad Kukahiko: Senior Production Designer
Julius Bellett: Studio Artwork

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