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Like most marketing media, M+AD receives a lot of PR-driven press releases. We see these as lifeblood communications, written by professional PR exponents who are unusually passionate about the work they do.

This is especially so with business owners – the professional PR people are generally rather more measured and structured.

Unlike some sites which bend over backwards to disguise the PR element, we tend to avoid extensive rewrites that can kill some of that passion.

M+AD ed David Gapes personally handles each release and strives to make our independent observer role clear up front, while preserving the flavour of the original message. PR – along with advertising and media – is M+AD’s turf, so we can do no less.

Most of M+AD’s content, however, is original – created on ed’s laptop, with images and style added by designer Chris Grimstone.

Thanks ‘Just Saying’
This explanation was prompted by a polite – but pointed – post added to a story on our site by somebody called ‘Just Saying’ (read it here).

Our story about two women who are excited and passionate about their new business perfectly illustrates our point – it came to us in a press release, which we reshaped without (we thought) losing their infectious enthusiasm.

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