BigAds sees a 30% lift on campaign results from using attention score optimisation

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SYDNEY, Wednesday: BigAds, an Australian-based creative intelligence & optimisation ad tech company with a strong presence in NZ has conducted primary research with leading independent, attention score optimisation providers Lumen Research & Attentv (purchased by Amplified Intelligence) to “demonstrate the uplift in rich media campaign results”.

BigAds (formerly Big Mobile) has a fulltime team of two, based in NZ – Michael Buhagiar and Nick Paschalis.

Sydney-based BigAds ceo David Green said: “We know that attention score optimisation as still very nascent in Australia and NZ; there is a lot of education to go to demonstrate the effectiveness in display media.

“Our blue-chip advertisers regularly asks the team – ‘does it really work? Or is it just a fad?’”

Green: “We integrated Attention score providers (Lumen Research and Attentv) to our Buddy AdTech platform in September 2022.  We wanted to ensure that we took an agnostic approach and let the market choose whatever market leading, independent attention providers that they wanted to work with.”

“The advertising community has embraced attention score optimisation to ensure their campaign results get better and better.”

“In real time attention score optimisation providers are constantly optimising the media towards the best performing signals such as sites, viewability, engagement time etc. These signals ensure that the campaign is constantly being optimised to ensure the results get better and better.

“It’s great to see how quickly the advertising community has embraced attention score optimisation to ensure that their campaign results get better and better.

“But the question remained – how much better.

Our advertisers have been really pleased with the outcome of the initial campaigns using Lumen and Attentv. On average we have seen a 30% uplift in campaign results off our benchmarks.

“This includes CTR, engagements, engaged time and viewability.

“With these sort of results, we certainly see attention score optimisation as a firm metric of success with the advertising community in 2023 and beyond.”

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