Pead PR taps local artist for Nespresso’s Xmas collection

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To celebrate the launch of Nespresso’s Christmas coffee collection, the brand has collaborated with Auckland artist Andrew J. Steel to reveal its three new coffee flavours.

Steel has created a one-off mural which has been inspired by the flavours of the new coffees and is one of his most time-intensive illustrations to date.

Drawn by hand on a 3.6m x 2.4m free-standing wall, the artwork reflects Nespresso’s new candy-inspired festive coffees: Variations Confetto Snowball, Variations Confetto Orangette and Variations Confetto Licorice.

There to capture one of Steel’s more time-intensive illustrations on film was close friend and content producer Matt Queree.

A first for both creatives, the lengthy process was shot in still image to create a stop motion edit and features a unique lenticular camera movement. This technique required Steel to walk a total of 12kms from start to finish as he moved in and out of shot with each individual pen marking.

More than 6500 still images were taken and have been used to create a time-lapse video which was released via Nespresso and Steel’s social media channels today.

The artist, who is known for his large-scale illustrations and distinctive, contemporary street-art style, says he drew inspiration from the flavours and aromas of the three new coffees. These were incorporated into the illustration – the full process taking him more than 12 hours to complete.

“No local ad agencies – but Pead PR has their hands all over this Nespresso promotion.”

“Art and coffee – name a better combo,” he says. “This particular collaboration was an exciting one for me – not only because it was the perfect excuse to drink coffee all day – I got through six Nespressos creating this piece) – but also because I was genuinely intrigued by this new collection,” says Andrew.

“It’s all about old-school lollies and childhood memories, so I wanted to reflect this and tell a story through my artwork.”

Coconuts, vanilla pods and palm trees reflect the sweet notes in Confetto Snowball; orange peel, citrus squeezers and jugs of juice depict the bittersweet orange and chocolate inspired aromas in Confetto Orangette, while licorice allsorts and spices portray the unique flavour of Confetto Licorice.

Characteristic of Andrew’s style, the mural was drawn in black outline with paint pens, followed by the addition of colours which reflect the colourways of the new coffee capsules in the collection.

No NZ ad agencies were involved in the promotion (all Nespresso creative work comes out of JWT New York) but local comms firm Pead PR is right at the centre of this week’s action.

Nespresso NZ manager John Ciaglia says it has been a pleasure working with Steel as part of this reveal.

“The release of our Christmas range is always a special time for us,” he said. “We like to offer a unique experience through a selection of festive coffees and Andrew’s unique piece of artwork has added to the excitement around this reveal.

“The annual reveal of Nespresso’s Festive Variations is one of our most highly-anticipated launches,” Ciaglia said. Nespresso club members eagerly await the new coffees each year, rushing to get a taste before they inevitably sell out.”

The new collection is available at or at Nespresso retailers from today (October 30).

NZ Public Relations: Pead PR
Creatives: Nespresso Variations Confetto Limited Edition Coffee capsules and accessories designed by Craig & Karl. Andrew Steel for the NZ mural
Media agency: MediaComNZ

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