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Last year, Special Group and Paspaley Pearls created an award-winning campaign with acclaimed author Anna Funder (Australian Book of the Year, Miles Franklin Literary Award) and actress Teresa Palmer. Everything Precious was a “unique” multimedia and content collaboration that centred around a specially commissioned, original short story.

Each chapter of the story was illustrated with shots of Teresa Palmer wearing Paspaley Pearls. The story was released in daily chapter email instalments, as an ibook and as a hardcopy. The project gained the attention of Penguin who have now published the story globally.

This year Paspaley and Special Group have created another artistic collaboration. Behind the Lens is a 10 minute fictitious short film, directed by Australian Cannes Film Festival-winning film director Ariel Kleiman and starring British actress Clara Paget.

Its plot is centred on the mysterious events that happen behind the scenes on a Paspaley fashion shoot in the Kimberley (the region in Australia where Paspaley has been cultivating pearls for more than 80 years). And the story gets pretty weird…

As well as being viewable online at, the film is the centrepiece of a multimedia campaign spanning magazines, outdoor, digital and point of purchase.

“Last year’s collaboration succeeded in its objective of attracting new, younger customers to pearls and Paspaley,” said Paspaley Pearls head of marketing Iris Kleimann. “It was also loved by our loyalists. We’re really excited with this progression to the world of film, and are confident our customers, old and new, will really respond.

“I loved the initial concept that Special Group came up with; to make a narrative piece of cinema that revolved around their Paspaley photo shoot. That combined with the allure of shooting in the Kimberley and working with Clara Paget is what drew me to the project.”

Special Group’s Tony Bradbourne said: “Last years content based campaign was so successful at connecting with a younger, smart audience that we were challenged with going further this year. Ari has done a brilliant job.

Special Group global director of luxury Claire Beatson said:  “Content is the new currency for luxury brands, so a film inspired by the beauty of the Kimberley region, the home of Australian South Sea Pearls, was the perfect way to bring to life the adventurous spirit of the brand, and of the woman who wear them.”


Production co: Rabbit Films
Director: Ariel Kleiman
Executive Producer: Alexandra Hay
Co-writer / Art Director: Sarah Cyngler
1st Assistant Director: Dan Wood
DOP: Hugh Miller
Ist Camera Assist: Luke Thomas
Grip, Gaffer: Martin Fargher
Grip Attach: Colin Chapman
Sound Recordist: Robert Mackay
Stylist: Karla Clarke
Hair Stylist: Linda Jeffreys
Make Up Stylist Sophie Roberts
Stink Head of Production: Andrew Levene
Executive Producer / Partner: Blake Powell
Original Score: Maxwell Reiss
Agency: Special Group
Creative Partner: Tony Bradbourne
Creative Partner: Rob Jack
Creative Director: Kimberley Ragan
Creative Director Maria Devereux
Strategic Director: Claire Beatson
Senior Account Director: Annabel Rees
Account Director: Stu Mallarkey
Account Director: Lily Waters
Executive Producer: Mahsa Willis
Executive Producer: Sascha Mortimer
Managing Partner: Cade Heyde
Managing Partner: Michael Redwood
PR: Black PR
Media: Razor

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