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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: TBWA has put a spotlight on the 400-strong 2degrees call-centre crew in the latest iteration of its #togetherwecam campaign, which encourages Kiwis to share how they’ve been keeping in touch virtually during alert levels 4 & 3.

Head of care at 2degrees Tracy Leighton said she had no shortage of volunteers from the team, most of whom are based in Auckland and Christchurch, and are – for the first time – operating from home.

“If you’d asked me in February, I couldn’t have fathomed that in March we’d have built and tested a work-from-home solution and implemented it with all 400 call centre staff working from home.

“We know it’s not perfect – we’ve got people taking calls in busy flats or while looking after their kids. That’s tough and they’re doing a great job – they should be celebrated.”

The ad features 12 call-centre staff in various guises.

“2degress is the only big telco to have a 100% NZ-based call centre, which is something it’s always proud to trumpet.”

Tracy Leighton: “2degress is the only one of the big telcos to have a 100% New Zealand-based call centre, which is something it’s always been proud to trumpet, especially during lockdown when connectivity is more important than ever.

“What’s getting the team through this is that we know our customers need the connectivity and support of our 2degrees mobile and broadband network more than ever. It’s what our technology enables that matters most. That tiny slice of normal. The virtual classrooms, book clubs, bingo and birthday parties. The team pub quiz and drinks on a Friday night and the family dinners from afar,” said Tracy.

‘Fun bunch’
TBWA CCO Shane Bradnick said: “The 2degrees call-centre team were a brilliant extension of the #togetherwecam message, as just like regular everyday Kiwis, their lives had changed instantly over the lockdown period and they had to adjust.

“They have done a brilliant job of keeping Kiwis connected during the lockdown and were a fun bunch to shoot with.”

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