Workplaces where everyone enjoys perks without the boss’s load

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AUCKLAND, Today: Business trends are shifting, and 2024’s looking lively. Last year threw us hybrid work and inclusivity vibes. Now, Brett McAllen of @WORKSPACES, the go-to for snazzy flexible work spots, spills what’s next.

“Workplaces today look vastly different from what they did a few years ago, and that’s not even factoring in the huge upheaval due to COVID,” McAllen said.

“Companies in tune with these shifts gear up for a future brimming with opportunities,” he added. @WORKSPACES is on a roll, thanks to the boom in demand for flexible workspaces.

Five top workplace trends for 2024

  1. Equality for All
    “Equality for all (EFA) stems from people’s desire for all to be treated equally and have access to the same opportunities as others,” McAllen explained.
    “Employees are pushing for fairness in everything from office perks to work-life respect,” he noted. This year’s mantra? Equality across the board – if the boss can do it, so can you.
  2. Right to Disconnect
    “Balancing work and life is a classic puzzle. This year, expect a bold move towards the right to disconnect,” McAllen pointed out.
    “Setting boundaries gets clearer, though the exact lines are still being drawn,” he observed. Now, clocking out means truly winding down.
  3. WIO (Work in Office)
    “Say goodbye to WFH; the push is on to rejuvenate office life,” McAllen mentioned.
    “Offices foster connection but expect some pushback,” he remarked. Clear communication and listening will be key to bringing teams back.
  4. Vocal Local
    “More companies are ditching city centres for local charm,” McAllen shared.
    “This move is all about employee satisfaction and growth,” he said. @WORKSPACES shows how local can mean lower costs and happier teams.
  5. Flexible Offices
    “Flexibility is king. Clinging to outdated leases? Not a good look,” McAllen stated.”Flexible spaces cut costs and boost efficiency without the extra fuss,” he highlighted. The future? It’s all about adaptability and shared spaces.

“Considering these trends, I’m optimistic about what 2024 holds,” McAllen concluded.

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