AA Pet Insurance & Quantum uncover pet ‘tails’

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AUCKLAND, Today: Our furry friends lead intriguing secret lives behind closed doors. Quantum Jump and AA Pet Insurance delve into this mystery with their new brand platform. They’re exploring what pets do when we’re away.

Adel Prayugo from AA Partner Insurances shares insights, “We often hear the funniest stories of what pets get up to behind closed doors. These have sparked interesting insights for us and highlighted a genuine need to bring these stories to light. Moreover, it underscores the crucial role that AA Pet Insurance can play to help.”

The campaign, enriched with user-generated content, captures pets in humorous scenarios. From Labradors stuck in cat flaps to Tabbies taking hot tub dives, it’s clear pets sometimes find themselves in need of assistance.

Launched on digital platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as TVNZ+ and streaming services, the campaign’s early reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Pet owners are actively sharing their pets’ escapades, significantly boosting leads and sales.

“We often hear the funniest stories of what pets get up to behind closed doors.”


Wayne Pick, Creative Partner at Quantum Jump, comments on the campaign’s resonance, “As a pet parent myself, I always marvel at what our fur family get up to when we’re not there.” He adds, ‘The internet is awash with evidence of pets getting into mischief when they’re left alone. So we’ve started a relationship with AA Pet Insurance customers, who’ve been more than eager to share films of their pets up to no good. With this campaign, it’s good to know if your furry friend does end up in trouble, at least they’re going to be looked after.”

The initiative also includes a collaboration with Petcube, aiming to deepen the understanding of pets’ lives. “We’re really excited to partner with the team at Petcube,” continues Prayugo, looking forward to innovative solutions that allow pets of AA Pet Insurance customers more freedom and safety.

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AA Pet Insurance
Paula Castle: Marketing Lead
Adel Prayugo: Marketing Manager

Quantum Jump
Wayne Pick: Creative Partner
Drew Ayers: Creative Partner
Scott Kelly: Copy
Justin Biddle: Digital & Production
Craig Murray: Motion Graphics
Zoë Macdonald-Mair: Project Director
Bella Chaytor Waddy: Account Manager
Ben Goodale: CEO

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